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Patient's Feedback

The following stories are the feedbacks from some of my patients since I started the clinic.

If you wish to comment or to present your own experiences, please send it either by email or a letter.

Please accept my sincere thanks to whom presented their cases in here. These stories will drive me to improve my services continuously. It is also my personal wish that more and more people can benefit from this Chinese ancient healing art.

Symptom Date
Acne 21 January 2009
Appetite, poor 30 July 2009
Arm, pain 11 October 2009
Back, pain 12 February 2009
Becker disease 19 January 2009
Bitter taste 30 July 2009
Blood pressure, high 20 April 2010
Burnout 3 May 2018
Carpal tunnel syndrome 19 October 2009
Child 2 November 2009 / 15 January 2010 / 14 May 2010 / 25 May 2010 / 12 June 2011
Cholesterol high 1 November 2009
Constipation 30 July 2009 / 15 January 2010 / 20 April 2010 / 19 May 2010
Cough 2 November 2009
Crying, night child 25 May 2010
Depression 11 February 2010 / 6 October 2010
Diabetes 3 February 2015
Diarrhea 27 December 2014
Dizziness 6 March 2019
Ear, noise 11 December 2009
Eczema 11 December 2009 / 19 May 2010
Emotional behavior, child 25 May 2010
Eye, lazy 30 July 2009
Eye, pressure 11 December 2009 / 6 October 2010
Fatigue 30 July 2009 / 27 December 2014
Fibromyalgia 10 May 2010
Finger, numbness 19 October 2009
Foot, trouble 19 May 2010
Frozen shoulder 14 June 2009 / 11 October 2009 / 1 November 2009 / 2 April 2010
Gallbladder stone 11 December 2014
Hands, shaking 6 October 2010
Hay fever 30 July 2009 / 2 April 2010
Headache 13 September 2009 / 1 November 2009 / 3 January 2010 / 6 October 2010
Hernia, lumbar 25 August 2009 / 3 November 2009
Hip, pain 19 May 2010
Infertility 3 November 2009
Irritable bowel syndrome 14 June 2009
Legs, edema 14 June 2009
Menopause 1 November 2009
Menstruation pain 27 December 2014
Migraine 11 December 2009 / 20 April 2010
Nail deformation 6 October 2010
Nausea 6 October 2010
Neck, pain 13 September 2009 / 26 September 2009 / 8 December 2014
Neck, stiff 19 October 2009 / 20 April 2010
Night sweating 11 December 2009
Nose, running 2 November 2009 / 14 May 2010
Overweight 14 June 2009 / 3 February 2015
Prostate problems 11 February 2010
Restless legs 14 June 2009
Rib, pain 19 May 2010
Shoulder, pain 14 June 2009 / 13 September 2009 / 26 September 2009 / 11 October 2009 / 1 November 2009 / 19 May 2010 / 8 December 2014 / 27 December 2014
Shoulder, stiff 19 October 2009 / 3 November 2009 / 20 April 2010
Skin irritation 25 May 2010
Skin itching 4 March 2020
Skin peel 12 June 2011
Sleeping problems 30 July 2009 / 11 October 2009 / 11 December 2009 / 3 January 2010 / 20 April 2010
Stomach complaints 11 October 2009 / 6 October 2010
Swallowing complaints 6 October 2010
Sweating 3 February 2015
Tennisarm 19 May 2010
Thirsty 11 December 2009
Throat, irritated 14 June 2009 / 6 October 2010
Toothache 1 November 2009
Torso, pain 19 May 2010
Urination, frequent 11 February 2010


4 March 2020

I am a 50 year old woman. In my life I have noticed that there is more between heaven and earth. I have had a very special experience. I am very grateful that I was able to experience this and therefore can simply enjoy everything around me again. I would now like to describe this story and share it with you.

Since I stopped taking anti-psychotic medication, I have had extremely painful itching complaints. I have had these complaints for 3 years now. Because I was doing well again and I was found stable again, I stopped taking this medication after a few years. Because I had a psychosis after the death of our child, I had to take this medication to prevent a new psychosis. The painful itch was so severe that I was desperate, because it just didn't pass and it was overwhelming me. I have tried everything possible in my power with medication from the GGZ doctor. Eventually I ended up at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, the highest address in the Netherlands.

I continuously received different medication, always without results, only with many nasty side effects. When the doctor of the Academic Medical Center as a last resort wanted to start heavy medication with many side effects, I got Dr. Wang's address through my sister-in-law. Dr. Wang had healed a traveling companion of my sister-in-law with walking problems. I told them I needed a doctor like that, hoping he could make me better too. I was completely burned out. Both physically due to not sleeping because of the itching and psychologically tired due to constantly fight against the itch. I could not beat this. After a telephone intake I made the first appointment.

Now I have started using acupuncture and moxa treatments, which my husband was also taught to do at home. Every 3 to 4 weeks I had a consultation with Dr. Wang and I was repeatedly given acupuncture and moxa treatments. I was also taught physical exercises. The advantage of this age-old Chinese treatment method is that it has no side effects at all. Moreover, it will contribute to a positive effect on my psychological well-being and a strengthening of the immune system according to Dr. Wang. Miraculously, this caught on after a few months and my itch complaints became tolerable in the beginning. Now I can tell that I no longer have any complaints and am relieved of these horrible problems.

It is unbelievable that this has given my life such a positive turn. I experience and enjoy everything much more intensely. I also feel much stronger psychologically. I see it as a miracle that this was successful and I am very grateful to this doctor. He came on my path at the right time in my life. Doctor Wang is an endearing, sensitive, social and skilled doctor who has given both me and my husband a huge boost and support both physically and mentally. The sun has started to shine again and the clouds have disappeared. We can enjoy our lives again without worry. I hope that for those who also suffer from these complaints, that they will decrease. So that through this they can receive joy in life again and enjoy it if they choose to go this way with the skill of Dr. Wang, so that they too will be freed from all this misery. We experience this man as a world class doctor.

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6 March 2019

I am a 69 year old woman. In February 2019, I went to dr. Wang because of permanent dizziness that had been hindering me for 1,5 years with everything I did.

In April 2017 I fell ill: fever, extreme dizziness and nausea. The fever disappeared after a couple of days, the nausea became less and disappeared, but the dizziness never left. Regular treatments for Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) did not help and made the dizziness worse. What the root cause was? They said it was residual symptoms of a virus.

The impact of dizziness on my life was big. Everything that moved made me dizzy. I spent my days mainly by sitting and put a lower priority on my active life. Whenever I moved my head, I had to hold on to something to not fall. Hence, I have only been able to walk outside with the assistance of a rollator. I could not drive anymore. Barely being able to be driven by others as well: not too long and carefully getting in and out of the car. I could not play the saxophone anymore. Everything cost me so much energy that I felt exhausted halfway during the day. Also my night’s rest was also negatively influenced by the dizziness. Often times I would wake up dizzy during the night and I would have to sit upright for a while with the lights on. I lost my sense of orientation in the dark.

During the first treatment, dr. Wang first gave an explanation for the symptoms (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine) before he started the actual treatment with moxa. He did so in a pleasant, clear and sincere manner. I had a moxa box placed on my belly and first I felt soft tingling in my hands and then my feet. After which I felt tingling throughout my entire body. I was lying down, relaxed, and not thinking about what the result would be. When I stood up after the treatment, I was surprised and could not believe what I felt. My dizziness was gone...I could stand on one leg, also with my eyes closed. Dr. Wang gave me further advice on how I could massage my own belly, hands and head. This also gave me a good feeling.

By now, four weeks have passed and I have had two treatments. I experience the treatments with moxa, ginger, and Himalayan salt as very pleasant. After every visit to dr. Wang’s practice, I feel that the treatment has lasting positive effects for days. For example, I have more energy. My dizziness has not come back and I am convinced that it will stay this way. I thank dr. Wang for the way he has relieved me from my complaints. This manner of using wisdom from Traditional Chinese Medicine has been a difference like day and night for me.

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3 May 2018

card 3 May 2018

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27 February 2017

card 27 February 2017

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3 February 2015

My name is Bob and I am 62 years old. Since last year September I am under treatment with Dr. Wang.

Ever since my childhood I've been sweating very much. Especially the sweating on my head and in my face has become an obsession in the last few years. The sweating especially occurred when I felt embarassed and not at ease. Besides that I'm coping with overweight. After finally following my wife's advice, I went to the clinic of Dr. Alan Wang. Already in one of the first visits, Dr. Wang came up with a diagnosis and treatment plan. Acupuncture, reflexmassage, use of moxa herbs and a lot of talking about my sweating problem (sweating as a matter of speaking comes out of my heart, which causes stress and anxiety) were the ingredients which he used during the treatment sessions. Besides that there were a number of excersise and adjusting of certain food habits (for instance no diary products) which I faithful to the treatment plan do daily.

Result in between
To me has believing in the treatment through Chinese Medicine become very important. I was very sceptical towards alternative medicine, but what I've experienced the past few months is admirable. The influence of Dr. Wang on my lifestyle has become very huge, I've even said I've become addicted to the visits to his clinic. Actually it's not alternative medicine, but MEDICINE. Worth mentioning is also that if I go to him and I have specific pain or problem somewhere in my body (at that moment not related to the real problem), he immediately has a way and uses it to bring relief.

Result of treatment

  • The sweating is not totally gone, but I feel strong to go into the future with it. It is not easy, but I am dealing with it intensely, because it is a hidden away problem that isn't solved in a few treatments, it takes time, but Dr. Wang has shown me the way and I feel more free in my body.
  • Also due to the adjustment in food habit, I have lost 14 kilo and am not finished yet!!
  • My sugarlevel was too high, for which I took 2 pills a day. Since half December I still take 1 and now since beginning of February I am pillfree for diabetes. The sugarlevel is now on normal level (5.8)
  • Cholesterollevel is too high. That's for me the next target for treatment advice of Dr. Wang.

All in all I am very happy that I came into contact with Dr. Wang. He treats you and gives you advice. But it's of the utmost importance that you yourself also put in energy in the treatment/excersis and believe in it.

I admire his treatment

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27 December 2014

English Version:

I am a 34 year-old female.

Since I was a child, I got frequent diarrheas without clear cause. This situation got worse during the last 3 years. I also felt tired easily and without energy.

A friend recommended me to go to Dr. Wang’s practice. After the diagnosis, Dr. Wang told me that my yang energy was relatively low. He also explained to me why I have grey hair at a younger age, cold hands, cold feet, very painful menstruation and varicose veins in lower legs.

After a few visits, the diarrhea disappeared. I started feeling some changes in my physical body and emotions as well. My stool became regular and my menstruation was less painful and abundant. I even felt more motivated in my daily life and easier to make decisions.

Besides, I fell down from the bicycle one year ago. After this accident, I always felt a severe pain in my right shoulder when I moved it. To my surprise, he also solved the shoulder pain by using cupping in combination with bleeding technique in one session. Since then I do not feel the pain at that spot.

Recently, following Dr. Wang’s advise, I have started practicing “Tai Ji Quan”. The exercise strengthens my physical body and harmonizes my mental and emotional state.

Therefore, I am still continuing the treatment at Dr. Wang’s practice for maintenance and prevention. He has given me results in short, medium and long term. He has broadened my personal horizons with the philosophies in Traditional Chinese medicine, in particular, Taoism. He also has made me understand that I am responsible for my own health and body condition.

Spanish version:

Soy una mujer de 34 años.

Desde que era pequeña, tenía dirreas de manera frecuente y sin causa aparente. Esta situación empeoró durante los últimos de 3 años. Me sentía también cansada y sin energía muy fácilmente.

Por indicación de una amiga, también paciente, acudí a la consulta del doctor Wang. Tras el diagnóstico, el doctor Wang me indicó que mi energía yang era bastante baja. Además, también me explicó por qué mi pelo se había vuelto gris a una edad temprana, por qué mis pies y mis manos solían estar siempre fríos, por qué mis menstruaciones eran muy dolorosas y tenía varices en la parte inferior de ambas piernas.

Después de varias consultas, la diarrea desapareció. También empecé a sentir una serie de cambios en mi tono físico y anímico habituales. Mis deposiciones se volvieron regulares y mis menstruaciones menos dolorosas y abundantes. Incluso sentía más motivación en mi vida diaria y me resultaba más fácil tomar decisiones.

Por otra parte, me caí de mi bicicleta hace aproximadamente un año. Después del accidente, sentía siempre un dolor agudo al mover el hombro derecho. Para mi sorpresa, en una sola sesión el doctor Wang resolvió el dolor del hombro mediante una técnica combinada de sangrado yventosaterapia.

En la actualidad, y siguiendo la recomendación del doctor Wang, he empezado a practicar Tai Ji Quan, lo que me ha seguido proporcionando bienestar físico y estabilidad mental y emocional.

Por ello, sigo acudiendo al doctor Wang para tratamientos de prevención y mantenimiento. El señor Wang no sólo me ha ofrecido resultados a corto, medio y largo plazo sino que también ha ampliado mis esquemas de pensamiento con sus ideas sobre Medicina Tradicional China y, en particular, de la filosofía china taoísta. Además, me ha hecho entender que uno tiene un papel activo en su estado de salud y en el de su cuerpo.

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11 December 2014

English version:

I am a 41-year-old female.

Around April 2014, I had really intense pain on my right side next to my stomach. I did not know what was happening to me. I had experienced similar pains in the past, which I always called “stress pains”. However, this time I could not handle the pain anymore. It was so intense that I could hardly breathe and as a result I had to go to the hospital. At the hospital I was diagnosed with stones in my gallbladder. The advice from the hospital was that the gallbladder had to be removed. I did not want to be operated at this point in time.

Through one of my good friends, she referred me about Chinese Acupuncture Practice in Uithoorn. So I decided to give a try.

I called Alan Wang while I was experiencing intense pain and I was able to see him straight away! I arrived at his practice with a lot of pain and he helped me immediately. 5 minutes after, the pain was gone!! It took a few visits to heal my pain completely, but ever since then (9 months later), I have not had the colic pain anymore.

I am very happy that I made the decision to follow Alan’s treatment and advice. If I would not have visited his practice, I would probably be missing my gallbladder at this point.
I am still continuing the treatment at Alan’s practice and I will continue going. Ever since I have been treated by him, I have felt much better physically and emotionally! He is very dedicated to his patients. And it feels like his profession is his passion. As he really spends time treating his patients.

I would recommend Alan Wang to anyone who has the health issues. I also think everyone should go for his consultation to prevent illness as well as promote a better quality of life!

Spanish version:

Soy una mujer de 41 años.

En abril del 2014, padecí un intenso dolor en el lado derecho de mi estómago. En ese momento no sabía qué me estaba pasando. Anteriormente tuve dolores similares no tan intensos que yo llamaba “dolores de nervios”. Pero esta vez el dolor era tan intenso que casi no podía ni respirar y tuve que acudir al hospital con urgencia. En el hospital me diagnosticaron piedras en la vesícula biliar.  La recomendación del hospital fue que me tenían que operar para extraer la vesícula biliar. Yo no quería ser operada en esos momentos.

Una buena amiga mía, que también es paciente del Dr. Wang, me recomendó que acudiera su consulta así que decidí probar. Llamé al Dr. Wang con un terrible dolor y ¡él me atendió inmediatamente! Llegué a su consulta con un dolor intenso y gracias a su  tratamiento el dolor desapareció en 5 minutos.

Necesité unas cuantas visitas para curar el dolor completamente, pero desde entonces (9 meses después) no he vuelto a tener ningún tipo de cólico. Estoy realmente agradecida de haber ido a la consulta del Dr. Wang y recibir su tratamiento y consejos. Si no lo hubiera visitado, en estos momentos no tendría la vesícula biliar debido a la operación.

Todavía continúo el tratamiento en su consulta, desde que utilizo las técnicas del Dr. Wang ¡me siento mucho mejor física y emocionalmente! El Dr. Wang tiene una completa dedicación para sus pacientes. Su profesión es su pasión y se puede ver  en la manera en que trabaja. Yo realmente recomiendo la consulta del Dr. Wang a todo el  mundo con problemas de salud o sólo para prevenir enfermedades y tener mejor calidad de vida.

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8 December 2014

My name is Monica. I am 32 years old. I went to Alan because I had a really bad pain in my neck and shoulders. I was not able to sleep well, I had headaches and I was feeling stressed the whole time. I am so happy I found Alan’s practice, with his treatment my daily life changed. I could feel the change in the moment right after his treatment. The pain in my neck and shoulders was gone. I felt more relaxed and I could sleep better. I am really thankful and happy!

Thanks Alan for making me feeling better.

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4 July 2013

card 4 July 2013

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12 June 2011

One time after swimming my daughter came to me and showed me her hands. I was shocked to see that the skin was coming off her hands. It looked terrible, just as if she had some kind of horrible disease.

I immediately contacted Dr. Alan Wang about this. He treated her and told me that there was too much heat in the body. This caused the body fluids to diminish and the skin to peel.

Fortunately it disappeared soon after the treatment and a few days afterwards it all looked normal again. Now she can swim freely again without having to worry about what her hands look like.

Thanks Alan for helping her so fast and well!

skin peeling L before skin peeling R before
Left hand with skin peeling before treatment Right hand with skin peeling before treatment
L after R after
Left hand after treatment Right hand after treatment

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6 October 2010

I am a 66 year old man. I came to Dr. Alan Wang with the following complaints.

1) Depression (I take anti-depressants for 20 years).
2) Pressure on my eyes.
3) Irritated throat, especially on the right side.
4) Swallowing complaints.
5) Headache (Have had 3 concussions).
6) Shaking hands, anxiety (I have always had this in some kind of intensity).
7) Stomach complaints, pressure on the chest.
8) Nausea (Side effect of several medicine I take).
9) High blood pressure (I take one medicine since 2004).
10) Palpitations (Since 2008 when I started taking a medicine, I don’t have this anymore).
11) Balance disturbance (I have this since 2004).

Before I came to Dr. Wang, I had 12 acupuncture treatments last year with another doctor acupuncturist. It had little effect.

I read on the internet the experiences of the clients of Dr. Alan Wang. They were very positive. I immediately contacted Dr. Wang.

The first treatment was on 2nd of April 2010. During the first treatment I felt something was changing in my body. After the first treatment, I felt the pressure of my eyes was less, headache level was reduced, too.

After every treatment I felt better and better in my health. Now,

  1. Pressure in my eyes is less
  2. Throat irritation & swallowing complaints are better.
  3. My shaking hands are more stable. And I can hold the coffee cup easily.
  4. Stomach complaints & nausea are much less when I wake up in the morning

With all these improvements, I feel less depression and better in balance, too. 

The treatment experience was totally different than I was used to from the other acupuncturists in the past. Your body is being treated in different ways.

For example, the treatments are done by acupuncture in combined with moxa. Dr. Wang gives so much attention during the treatments and also some exercises to practice at home. 

From the start I had the confidence in the treatments, because I see the results. I feel like another person now and feel much more energy, too.

Dr. Alan Wang, thank you very much for the treatments and good luck in the future!

nail shap before treatment nail shape after treatment
Nail shape before treatment Nail shape changed after treatment
nail shape improved nail shape improved more
Follow up in Dec, 2012. Nail quality is improved continuously.

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25 May 2010

A few weeks ago I didn’t know what to do with my kids of 4.5 and 3 anymore.

The day would start with one crying and nagging and the other hitting and being agressive. This would continue the whole day. At night one would wake up and start crying non-stop and the other would also wake up and start crying and hitting. Because of the kids’ emotional instabilities, the atmosphere in the house had become very stressful.

When I talked to Dr. Alan Wang about it, he said this emotional behavior was in fact influenced by the changing of the seasons. He suggested to treat my kids with “Infantile Tui Na”.

He taught me how and what to massage my kids every day and before sleeping as well.

Within a few days I noticed that both kids were much calmer and easier to deal with. The emotional burst outs had become less and only when they were becoming too tired.

No more endless struggles before going to sleep and they started sleeping all through the night. They would wake up rested and in a good mood. What a great change with the help of “Infantile Tui Na”!

I also noticed that the skin irritation in the neck disappeared. The blood scratches healed and no new ones were made as was the case before.

Alan, thank you so much for helping us to bring back peace and joy in the house.

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19 May 2010

For some time now I’ve been going to a well known Chiropractor, who helped me very well with my instability of the pelvis. Still my shoulder complaint remained.

It was a nagging pain which sometimes even woke me up. The day this Chiropractor told me that I should seriously consider to stop badminton, I decided to look further for someone who could help me.

I found this person in Dr. Alan Wang. To be able to tell clearly which complaints I had. I made a list. And the length of the list even shocked myself.

Not only the shoulder was a problem, I also had

  • Trouble with my right foot
  • A painful right hip
  • Pain at the right side of my torso
  • Pain at the 4th rib
  • Regularly a tennisarm
  • Constipation
  • Sometimes some eczema
  • Pain from my neck to my head

Many specialists have tackled these problems, but never with longlasting results or no results at all, no matter how often or how well I did the excersises given to me.

I realised that I had been having complaints since I was a teen. And that’s already 25 years ago.

After the first treatments I went home with a less painful body and a lot of new informations and massage techniques. The treatment was done with acupuncture and Tuina.

More treatments were necessary to come to the point I’m now. I play badminton again and all the complaints on my list have been dealt with treatment after treatment and the result is amazing!

It is a pitty that the western culture is not ready yet to integrate the Chinese medicine into the regular medical circle. Because of this many people take unnessary drugs or are even operated on unnessarily!

Dr. Alan Wang, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your treatments. But also because I’ve gotten to know you as a warm understanding man!


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14 May 2010

Our son is 10 years old and is suffering from chronic cold. From his birth till his 7th year he has lived in Thailand. There he often couldn’t breath and was hospitalized for it several times.

When he came to live in Holland, his chronic cold suddenly improved a lot. He still has a common cold regularly, but far less than in Thailand. Still we wanted to help him more with his complaints.

Because of the good experiences both my wife and I had, we asked for a second opinion from Alan Wang. He suggested to treat him for a few times with so-called “Infantile Tui Na”. This is a Chinese medical massage method.

After the first treatment we already noticed a big improvement in his condition. He became more calm, more alive, got a better appetite and could sleep better. After a few days the difficulty to breath was gone for the most part and he also looked better.

All in all we have been able to conclude that this treatment method gives a huge stimulant to the ability to self-recovery in young children. Despite the fact that we were somewhat skeptical to this treatment method, we are very satisfied with the current condition of our son.

Alan, we as parents would hereby also like to thank you for this fantastic result.

Warm regards,

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10 May 2010

My name is Désirée, I am 45 years old and since a year I know that I have fibromyalgia.

In September 2009 I followed a revalidation course where I learned how to deal with the disease in daily life, privately as well as at work, and how to handle the pain. But then the time came that the pain was so strong that I just didn't know what to do anymore. During the day I was functioning badly, there was a lot of pain, I was so terribly tired, had no energy and at night slept very badly. Especially walking became worse and worse.

I also got the address of Dr. Alan Wang from a friend and I decided to take a chance. And I can tell everyone that Alan is a very special and sincere person, who knows very well what he is talking about and has helped me enormously!

After the first treatment with needles and Tuina massage, in his apartment complex, I already could walk the stairs all the way up to the 3rd floors! I was so happy and it made me cry!

Now I've had about 8 treatments and I can say that my life is so much more comfortable. It is even so that at a time I forgot to take my medicine! I sleep better, sometimes even very well, the pain can be treated very well and because of that my life has become a lot nicer. As well for me as for my surroundings. Alan, thank you!


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20 April 2010

I’m a 42 year old female.

For 7 years I’ve had migraine every month 4 to 5 days after my menstruation. This migraine always lasted for 3 days, so I used medicine for it.

Eventually I decided to go to an acupuncturist. Through internet I came to the site of Chinese Acupuncture Clinic Wang in Uithoorn and my attention was drawn to the results of the patients of Dr. Alan Wang.

I immediately called him and the same week I could come. Fantastic! Once I was there I also told him that I had more complaints for which I’d like to be helped.

These complaints were:

  • High blood pressure (for which I also took medicine for 7 years)
  • Sleeping problems (I always woke up during the night at around 3 am)
  • Stiff in my neck and shoulders
  • Stool every 2 to 3 days

After the diagnosis, Dr. Alan Wang explained clearly the causes of these complaints from Chinese medical point of view. 

After the first treatment with needles and Tuina massage I felt a lot more relaxed, both in my head as well as in my neck and shoulders.

After several treatments I slept through the night and my stool was a lot better. I got an exercise to stimulate an acupuncture point on my feet half an hour before sleeping, which helps me sleep better.

The high blood pressure was also treated immediately and after about 6 weeks I’ve cut down the tablets by half. For that I also got a breathing exercise.

My migraine has also changed a lot and improved. Before it was after my menstruation, now it’s during my menstruation and only 1 day. But this headache is more like a heavy feeling in the head, which is only troublesome. And with a pressure point on my hand I can also massage it away.

Dr. Alan Wang is a very loving person who really uses his heart and soul to help his patients. I always feel very comfortable when I’m with him in his clinic and also learn a lot. I hope that more and more people will discover Chinese medicine. And experience that you can improve or cure a lot without medicine.

Much Love,

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2 April 2010

“Good help for my shoulder complaints!!”

I went to doctor Wang (Chinese Acupuncture Clinic Wang in Uithoorn) with shoulder complaints.

Spring 2009 my complaints started. First I got a heavy stabbing feeling in my upper arm when I reached behind me or high above me. This stabbing feeling extended till the elbow. Later the shoulder was also painful and I could hardly put my arm on my back.

After a period of rest, which didn’t help, I went to a physiotherapist. I was treated for 3 months with massage, exercises and moving shoulder / arm to loosen the shoulder joint. It didn’t help. The pain got worse and the arm could hardly lift up. Eventually it became an infection and I had pain constantly. A colleague advised me to stop physiotherapy and contact doctor Wang for traditional Chinese medicine therapy.

I started treatment in December 2009. The treatment was done by Acupuncture and Tuina.

Right after the first treatment my arm could already go halfway up. What was even better for me was that the pain was reduced a lot.

After the third treatment the pain was gone and the shoulder area only a little bit stiff. Eventually I had 10 treatments for the shoulder. The arm can move up almost totally and the pain stays away!!

I can do everything again and that was my goal.

I have experienced the treatments by doctor Wang as very pleasant. He takes his time for you, always enjoys a good chat, and explains everything he is doing very patiently and well.

And if you have another complaints during the sessions, then he also treats that at the same time… that’s why this spring I have less hay fever complaint.

frozen shoulde before frozen shoulder after
Before treatment. After the first treatment.

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11 February 2010

I am a 74 years old male. For some years I’ve had complaints of my prostate. After 2 prostate infections in 2004, I have a painful pressure in my bladder and prostate. I have little power when urinating and difficulty emptying the bladder totally. I often have to urinate, especially at night, which causes lack of sleep and the tiredness during the next day.

I came to Dr. Alan Wang (Chinese Acupuncture Practice Wang in Uithoorn) because of the good experiences of my wife. Dr. Wang’s treatment has helped her out of the depression disorder.

I’ve had 4 acupuncture treatments with good results, too. Each treatment is about 90 minutes and accompanied with the Tuina massage.

The needles can hardly be called painful. Dr. Wang shows a great respect and the integrity to his patient. He explains extensively and gives extended advice on how the patient can cooperate at home by doing some exercises in order to deal with the problem.

After 4 x treatments the urination frequency has gone down by half! For example, before I started the treatment the urination frequency, during the night, was 3 times. After 4 x treatments, it is about 1,5 times in average.

The pressure on my bladder and prostate has also reduced a lot. My sleeping quality has improved a lot and I feel mentally stronger as well.

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15 January 2010

Since last year summer my daughter of 4 was having trouble with her stool.
Over the weeks it had become gradually worse and worse. Until finally she only went when she couldn’t hold it anymore, which would be once a week.

She would be crying that her belly hurt and after lots of struggle an enormous amount of stool would come with some blood. She’d become so afraid to go, that only thinking about it would start her crying.

I didn’t know what to do. If I’d go to the family doctor, then he’d only give me some medicine to get the stool out. This would only help for the short term. For the long term things would get worse, since the cause would not be treated. I was afraid that after stopping the medicine, it would not be difficult as before, but would become impossible at all.

It was then that Alan (Chinese Acupuncture Clinic Wang in Uithoorn) started using Infantile Tui Na Therapy to treat her. He did this with lots of patience and creativity. As you can imagine a 4 year old likes to run away and play before getting anywhere near to get treated.

First the blood stopped. After that the stool was still a lot, but at least it came with little or no struggle. Then gradually things changed. Her appetite also improved. Now she has stool every other day and is not afraid anymore. No more holding up or crying.

Finally things are back to normal. All the treatments were done with Infantile Tui Na therapy without using any medicine!

Thank you Alan, all your time and effort are much appreciated!

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3 January 2010

I am a 50 year old woman and came to Alan (Chinese Acupuncture Practice Wang in Uithoorn) because of the good experiences of my husband.

During several days I had a very severe headache. It was so severe that I couldn't sleep and couldn't bear any light, sound or food. Normal painkillers didn't help. Only medication against migraine, which I didn't want to take because of the possible side effects.

The headache came from my neck and shoulders and went over my head to my front head. I was not able to turn my head well to the side, everything was stuck.

With acupuncture and Tuina (therapeutic massage in Traditional Chinese Medicine) Alan was able to take away most of the tension. At the end of the session, I was much better, able to turn my head and the headache was already reducing. In the course of that day the headache was almost gone.

The next morning the headache returned partially, but by massaging a point in my hand the same way that Alan had done, I massaged the headache away. Since then it didn't return.

Alan takes an extended time for you and keeps on asking for other complaints. In this conversation came forward that I often wake up around 3 am and have difficulty to sleep again. This causes me to be tired during the day and can't function optimally. This gives stress complaints, which go to the neck and shoulders.

With acupuncture and daily exercises, which Alan showed, me, my neck and shoulders became looser now. According to Alan the sleeping problems were caused by an energy blockage in my liver meridian. He taught me how to massage an acupuncture point on my foot half an hour before sleeping. This stimulates this meridian. This simple method works excellent: the sleeping has improved a lot!

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11 December 2009

I am a woman of 40 years old and I got the address of Alan Wang (Chinese Acupuncture Clinic Wang in Uithoorn) through someone.

Since I started to menstruate at 15, about every 6 months I had a migraine, just before or during the menstruation. This usually only lasted for 1 day and it was gone. The contraception pill was not an option for me since I got even more migraine.

Since a few years I had more migraine and pre-menstrual syndrome. Since last year I had migraine every month before or during my menstruation. Five days before my menstruation I already didn't feel well and had headache. The last year it was no longer one attack, but several in one week and also heavy headaches. This could last for 15 days of a month and I also didn't sleep well, got very tensed and actually couldn't function normally anymore.

Besides my headache, I also had:

  • pressure on my eyes
  • eczema
  • itch
  • night sweating
  • very thirsty
  • noise in ear
  • problem with neck and shoulders

For these complaints I have been to the family doctor, dermatologist, neurologist, ostheopath, homeopath and physiotherapist. 

I have used several medicines for migraine and now I use fromirex from the neurologist. I have to take this for a week during the menstruation to prevent an attack. I feel terrible with this medicine, but I have no choice, because I have to work and be able to function. Thereby I have the feeling that it delays an attack and maybe that's why I have 15 days a month heavy headaches. The cause of my complaint is therefore not treated!

I can't tell whether the treatment of Alan really works until after a few months. But I felt a lot better after the first 2 treatments with Acupuncture!

I sleep better, the night sweating is gone, and the noise in my ear, eczema, pressure on my eyes and thirsty feeling is a lot less. I also have almost no problems with my neck and shoulders anymore.

After the 3rd treatment my menstruation suddenly was on time (the last few months it was a lot earlier).  And preceding the menstruation I almost had no headache. The day before my menstruation heavy headache (but no migraine!) and during my menstruation I also had to take 2x medicine, but that is a lot better than taking these pills a whole week.

All in all, I went through my last menstruation a lot better. I also don't feel so terribly tensed anymore and feel better! So I'm very happy that through the treatments of Alan I feel a little better!

Alan really takes the time for me and shows a lot of interest to help me solve my complaints. Because of this I trust him and go on with the treatments.

I think that Alan can certainly help people with migraine. Perhaps the migraine will not disappear totally, but it will be less. It is important that the cause is treated. And because of the way Alan explains things (according to Traditional Chinese medicine), I now understand better where it is coming from. This applies to all the other complaints as well.

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3 November 2009

I am a woman of 36 years and recently going for treatment to Alan Wang.

For years I have myomas (also called fibroids), cysts and endometriosis for which I’ve been operated 6 times. I really want to have children, but in 2005 I had already been told that it was highly unlikely that I would ever have children.

In January this year I had the Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) of my uterus, which went well according to the doctors. The number of myomas has strongly reduced and they are getting smaller. Good news. But because of all the operations a lot of scar tissue developed and my uterus is not in a good condition. This can still make a pregnancy difficult.

A colleague told me about Chinese acupuncture and that it may have a good effect on these kinds of conditions. That’s how I came to Alan Wang.

Alan is a very enthusiastic doctor with integrity (a really nice person), who masters many aspects of the Chinese Medicine. He took the time to make a diagnosis and it is amazing how complaints are connected with each other. That’s why you have to tell him all your complaints, because even though the complaints are very different, one often has to do with the other.

Alan is now treating me with acupuncture, Tui Na massage and Chinese herbs. The purpose is to make the uterus more smooth and the circulation better, creating a good environment to let a baby settle in.

My menses is now short with not much pain and little blood loss. Alan has given me exercises to get my uterus in an even better condition. A pregnancy might now have become a possibility.

For a long time I had problems with my shoulders. I could not stretch my arms all the way up, that would give a burning feeling between my shoulders. After only putting two needles in my hand, I got rid of this pain and ever since I can stretch my arms all the way up. It is such a good feeling to be rid of that burning feeling.

My husband has a hernia in his back (Lumbar Hernia) and because of that also has many problems with his neck. He was treated by Alan as well and feels a lot better after each treatment. Then his neck is relaxed and he can turn his head well again. The effect is short after the first treatment, but this increases after more treatments. He was treated with acupuncture and Tui Na as well.

We are very enthusiastic about Alan as a person and a doctor. He is truly interested and speaks very honest and open about all complaints. I think that Chinese Medicine can mean a lot to us and hope that Western Medicine will also come to see this.

effect after 1 needle effect after 2 needle
Result after 1st needle. Result after 2nd needle.

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2 November 2009

A week ago my son of 2 had come down with a cold. His nose was running continuously and a cough was starting. I knew that an unstoppable cough at night would be developing which would keep everybody awake.

It was then that Alan Wang advised me about Infantile Tui Na therapy (therapeutic massage in Traditional Chinese Medicine). It would reduce the symptoms and increase the immune system. Thereby it might even prevent the flu. He treated my son and took the time to teach me how to massage the different areas.

I started to massage every day and to my surprise the cough stopped and didn’t develop into that terrible unstoppable night coughing. The running nose reduced. I even noticed that when I massaged my son in the middle of the afternoon when he was getting tired and cranky, he would calm down and become easier to handle.

Infantile Tui Na therapy has shown itself to me as being very effective and easy to do. This would be a very helpful First Aid for children. I recommend Alan Wang (Chinese Acupunctuur Praktijk Wang in Uithoorn) and Infantile Tui Na therapy to everyone dealing with children below 12.


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1 November 2009

Beginning this summer 2009 I suddenly had a terrible headache on the left side of my head and on top of my head a pressing burning feeling. I’m familiar with headache because I have often headaches coming from the tension in my neck, but this felt totally different. It drove me crazy and I tried all kind of things.

My family doctor said it was tension and advised me to go to a physiotherapist. I already went there regularly, but now it didn’t help. I used a lot of paracetamol and Ibrufen to get rid of the complaints. The feeling didn’t reduce and I decided to go to my osteopath where I come regularly for other complaints. He too couldn’t relieve the pain. In the meantime I was very worried that something in my head wasn’t right which made the complaints to increase. I went to the dentist to see if there was something in my teeth causing the headache. I made an appointment with a neurologist. He said it was muscle tension and also advised me physiotherapy. I felt very insecure and eventually urged for a CT scan.

In the meantime a friend gave me the phone number of Alan Wang (Chinese Acupunctuur Praktijk Wang in Uithoorn) and I’ve been there several times for acupuncture now. I was already familiar with acupuncture but I can’t compare the treatment of Alan with other acupuncturists. I agree with all the previous experiences mentioned on this site.

Already after the first treatment it seemed as if the pressure and the burning feeling decreased. I was afraid to believe it, but after a few treatments and the daily use of herbal tea I’m now without headache. Nothing out of the ordinary was visible on the CT scan. The diagnosis of Alan was also muscle tension, but fortunately he can treat it while western medicine couldn’t.

I’m very enthusiastic about the way he works, his treatment and his clear explanation. He takes the time to see you as a whole person and not as someone with one specific complaint. He keeps on asking and combines the treatment of several complaints. He shows a real interest and is capable.

Besides my headache, I also have some other complaints. For example,

  • High cholesterol
  • Toothache
  • Shoulder pain (left)
  • Pre menopause syndrome, etc

I did not expect that acupuncture treatment for these could be so effective. My cholesterol has come down now. Shoulder pain is reduced a lot as well. What impressed me is about my toothache. Because I can feel my toothache was much less right after the treatment. 

At the moment, my main complaints are linked to the menopause for which I’m being treated now. I have more energy and feel a lot better.

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19 October 2009

1) Stiff Neck / Shoulder:
I have had a stiff neck and shoulder for more then 20 years, having received a sports injury playing American Football in my college years. The last 8 years, the problems have increased. I have damaged vertebrae, and that causes severe hindrance, especially when I am under stress. The stiff neck will get worse, and inability of blood to flow freely, causes headaches and a red face.

I used to go to a chiropractor once every 2 to 4 weeks, which helped, but temporary. Also one chiropractor was better then another, with mixed results.

After treatment by Dr. Wang with acupuncture, I found that I have substantially fewer problems of stiffness and immovability in my neck and shoulders. It takes a series of treatments, but effects are very good.

2) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:
Due to my work (mostly working on notebook computers) I have a severe case of CTS in both hands for more than 3 years now, with left being most serious. What happens is that you feel as if your hands are sleeping.

At night the sleeping feeling will be more intense and can change into a very intense pain, which will keep you awake. The only thing that helps is to sit up straight or walk for a while.

This has been treated with Cortizone injections in my wrists. This helped for a while (2 – 3 months) but according to the hospital's doctor I will need to get an operation to cut the muscle band in my wrist, which will give the nerves more space, and that will stop the problem. The side effect is that your hand will be less strong then before, plus you need some weeks of resting the hand after operation.

For nighttime I now wear hard gloves, especially designed to immobilize the hands, which seems to stop CTS effect.

After Dr. Wang started treatment, I quickly saw improvement. I still use the gloves at night, but in daytime I hardly ever have the "sleeping hand" feeling anymore. For now, I do not feel any need for an operation.

3) Finger Numbness:
During the cortizone injections, a doctor seemed to have damaged a nerve in my right ring finger, as the finger became more or less numb, with very little feeling in the fingertip.

After acupuncture treatment the feeling in my fingertip is much better than before.

I am overall, very satisfied with the results of the acupuncture treatment and certainly recommend it for people to use.

It is a non-invasive, comfortable way of treatment, especially coupled with his Tui Na therapy (therapeutic massage).

The way of concentrating on making your body heal itself of Traditional Chinese Medicine instead of cutting away less functioning parts seems like the right approach.

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11 October 2009

My name is Sylvia. The last week of September I had my first acupuncture treatment done by Dr. Wang. It was an experience with all these needles in the body and how it is possible this technique. With a lot of patience, good explanation and guidance did Dr. Wang do it, because I was quite anxious.

At the end of December 2008 I had pain in my right arm and shoulder. Different therapists had already treated it, but the pain remained and I had no power. After 2 treatments my shoulder felt a lot better and I could move it better. Finally an improvement I was able to notice.

I also have other complaints like:

  • High blood pressure
  • Hyperventilation
  • Stomach- and intestine complaints
  • Migraine
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • A blown up feeling
  • Heartburn
  • Sleeping problems
  • Edema
  • Stiffness
  • Circulation arm and legs not optimal

The pulse and tongue test showed that my liver meridian is out of balance by too many emotions, which are causing some inconveniences. I have also been treated for that and it is going much better with me. My stomach is a lot quieter, so I can also sleep better now.

I’m still going for treatment to Alan Wang. I’m very satisfied with Alan. He is doing his job with a lot of enthusiasm and passion. He listens well to your complaints, is patient and gives a clear explanation during the treatment.

Alan thanks for your effort and good luck with your clinic.

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26 September 2009

My name is Jocelyn. My daily work requires me to use desk computer almost the whole working hours everyday. Last week, I had a very heavy week and caused severe pain in my neck and shoulders. I would wake up due to the neck pain for days.

The first treatment by Dr Wang for this severe pain was impressive. Only four needles on my hands, I could feel my neck and shoulders much lighter and relaxed immediately. I did not expect acupuncture for this could be so effective. Dr. Wang also taught me a simple shoulder exercise to release the stress during work. I did follow this exercise and after three days, the pain was totally gone. I do recommend Dr. Wang to those people who suffer the same complaints like me.

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13 September 2009

My name is Gerben. I had a lot of pain in my shoulder and neck. The pain was going towards my head as well. It was so severe that I had to take Paracetamol quite often.

My shoulder and neck have been treated with different therapies before. But the pain remained.

I visited Dr. Alan Wang twice for treatment on this. Using Tuina (Chinese medical massage), since I am afraid of needles.

The results are very good. Since the treatment, my shoulder is better again, and I don't have headaches anymore for which I need to use Paracetamol.

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25 August 2009

My name is Mihaela, 26 years old. I have had severe lower back pain since April 2009. The pain is so sharp and intensive. I hardly can bear with it. Because of the pain, I can’t sleep well at night. It makes my body feel even worse the next day. The pain radiates from my lumbar region / buttock toward the posterior side of my thigh.

It was diagnosed as the Lumbar Hernia in the hospital. I am so afraid of the operation. Therefore, I am searching the possibility from the alternative medical treatment. For example, Acupuncture.   

Few weeks ago, one of my friends gives me the contact address of Chinese Acupunctuur Praktijk Wang in Uithoorn. So I decide to give it a try.

My first visit was started at the end of July 2009. Alan took my pulse, looked at my tongue and some tests at my legs, etc. I was so surprised with the results treated by Alan. Because I can feel my lower back pain was much less right after the first treatment. I was even more impressed that the pain was completely gone after 3 x sessions.

I am very satisfied with the wonderful results so far. I will continue the treatment to make my lower back stronger and to strengthen my body constitution as well. With the successful results, I will be very happy to recommend Alan and his clinic in Uithoorn to my friends or whoever might be interested in the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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30 July 2009

My name is Marian. The story from Andra at the site of clinic Wang does strike my attention. That’s why I made an appointment. My main complaints are:

  • lazy eye (right)
  • tinnitus (noise in the right ear)
  • migraine (headache at right side)
  • dizzy
  • insomnia
  • fatigue (tired)
  • constipation
  • poor appetite, nausea in the morning
  • in the morning a bitter taste in my mouth
  • eczema
  • restless legs
  • cold hands and feet
  • hay fever

During the diagnosis, Alan felt my pulse and looked at my tongue. His diagnosis was amazing. He explained me clearly the root cause for my body complaints. He even mentioned a few things I didn’t experience as a main complaint so far, for example the poor appetite.

After three treatments with Tuina, herbs and exercises there are several improvements. For example, I needed glasses (+1) for reading. Now, I can almost read without wearing glasses. My right eye is looking more often as well. I have stool every day. I feel more relaxed; sleep better, better appetite and more energy. The bitter taste is gone. Hay fever didn’t show up!

What impressed me very much is about my “bad sleep” complaint! Alan explained my case it is due to Qi (energy) stagnation in my liver meridian. Therefore, I often wake up around 01:00 – 03:00 AM and difficult to fall asleep again. He taught me to massage one specific acupuncture point half an hour before I go to bed. It works great! I feel quite happy with the overall results and will continue the treatment.

I also get insights in my wellbeing from the wisdom of the ancient Chinese healing art explained by Alan piece by piece. For example, the cycle of female every 7 years (for male 8 years) with every time new developments and possibilities! It’s great that this therapy came to me at the age of 49th.

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14 June 2009

My name is Hans. For years I have a painful shoulder (when I was 35 it started with my left shoulder, then my right shoulder. Then back again to my left shoulder. Now it is my right shoulder again).

In daily life it is an annoying feeling. The pain can come suddenly when I make a "wrong" movement. At night the pain wakes me up regularly.

My shoulder has been treated with different therapies, but the pain comes and goes. In my case the therapy has not really helped. I've also tried acupuncture before. At that time I didn't continue the treatment because there was no result.

Not long ago a friend gave me the phone number of Chinese Acupuncture Clinic Wang in Uithoorn. I did not call immediately until one day my shoulder was hurting so badly.

My first visit was at the end of April 2009. I was impressed with the result of the treatment of Alan. After the first treatment I felt that the pain was reducing. I was even more surprised that after the 3rd treatment I could move my right shoulder better and more freely.

shoulder pain
This picture was taken after the 3rd treatment (May 20th 2009).

Besides my biggest problem of my right shoulder, I also have:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Diarrhea
  • Chronic asthma
  • Restless legs
  • Edema in the legs
  • Insomnia
  • Irritated throat
  • Overweight

What surprised me greatly was the solution for the irritated throat. During my first visit Alan told me the name in Traditional Chinese Medicine “Plum Pit Qi”. I've had this problem for years and even the specialists didn't know what it was and/or how to treat it.

I am very satisfied with the results so far. The noise in my belly/intestines has already become a lot less, the restless legs has reduced. The edema in my legs has greatly diminished. The skin color of my (lower) legs is almost back to normal. Before the treatment the color was dark (purple). The irritated throat is almost solved.

During the treatment Alan Wang gives a clear explanation about the difference between Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and what he is doing at that moment and for what purpose.

I shall continue the treatment for overweight. With the good results I'm happy to recommend Clinic Wang in Uithoorn to my friends and everybody who is interested in acupuncture.

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12 February 2009

I am Nonna. I got lower back pain for many years. 

Often, I feel back pain when I sit or stand at one position for too long. I also feel stiffness or soreness in my back when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes, my back muscle is so painful and could not move at all if I make the wrong movement. 

I tried several different types of massage therapies before. But it does not help much. My back pain comes and goes. So, it is like a nightmare when my back gets hurt.

One day, one of my friends gave me the tel No. Chinese Acupunctuur Praktijk Wang. So I thought why not give it a try? And see how Acupuncture can treat my back?

I started the treatment end of Jan, 2009. It is a totally different experience than the massage I had before. Alan took my pulse, looked at my tongue and asked my health conditions, etc. Then he explained me the possible cause for my back pain.

The treatment was done with acupuncture needles. I feel my back pain is much less right after the treatment. The next day when I woke up, I feel so good because my back pain was gone.

I am quite happy with the treatment done by Alan. With a wonderful treatment result, I like to thank him. For sure, I will recommend him and his clinic in Uithoorn to my friends.

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21 January 2009

My name is Andra I am 22 years old and I am a student in Amsterdam for the moment. I had acne since I am 15, but it got worse after I forgot to use sun cream in the mountains and I got a very bad burn. After this everything started to get bad, I used every single kind of treatment I knew about: I tried homeopathic treatment, I got auto-vaccine shots, I used Skid, Skinoren, Retin A, Unidox, Roaccutane, birth-control pills and all sorts of other medication like this. I even tried out, all possible cosmetics, but nothing seemed to help. I tried for 2 months acupuncture, but the doctor, was not Asian, and did not have too much experience.
Then a friend of mine, gave me the phone number of Dr. Alan (Shing Lin) Wang (Chinese Acupunctuur Praktijk Wang in Uithoorn) and I decided to try whatever he proposed out!

I started my treatment in November 2008, after being examined by him. He took my pulse and examined my tongue in order to outline the root causes of my condition.
The treatment he proposed was acupuncture, but I do have a phobia for needles, of any kind, so I was afraid that I would faint as I did on my last experience with needles. But it turned out to be just fine, and most of the time, I didn't even feel the needles. I did see some progress after 3 treatments, and I felt that my skin was getting softer and there were no more breakouts.
More over, I was also diagnosed with breast tumors 1.5 years ago. I used to feel pain in my chest and my breast region whenever I was nervous or anxious. I told this to Dr. Wang and he put some needles for this problem as well. The tumors are there still, but it does not hurt that often anymore and I think if I continue the treatment the tumors will start to get smaller and smaller.
I am very satisfied with Dr. Wang's treatment and I would for sure recommend Dr. Alan (Shing Lin) Wang in Uithoorn to others.

acne before acne after
Acne before treatment. Acne after treatment.

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19 January 2009

My name is Adrie and I suffer on the rare decease called "Becker".
Because of this illness your muscles weaken after the years go by.
Some patients get problems with the heart as well.
Unfortunately this is also the case with my person en therefore the reason that I not feel so well lately.

On a day I came in contact with Dr. Alan (Shing Lin) Wang who happens to be my upstairs neighbor.
I told him about my illness and that I not felt so well lately.
Then Dr. A. Wang offered me a (free) consult at his practice.
And this is what I did and after one short interview, tongue diagnosis and pulse diagnosis he could tell me that
my heart and kidneys did not work properly and because of that my body holds too much water.

I was rather surprised because my family doctor could not find this problem.
Because I was getting more sick every day I strongly urged my family doctor to send me to the heart specialist.
After a diagnosis in the hospital they told me the same as Dr. A. Wang told me a couple of days before.

Since then I'm impressed about the Chinese health treatment. Now I have been 5 times for an acupuncture treatment
to Dr. A. Wang. Also I have used some Chinese herbals to get the fluid out of my body.
With thanks to Dr. Alan (Shing Lin) Wang I can see that I felt some improvement after his treatment.

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